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          Indica Surf School is a growing chain of surf schools in India. With internationally certified trainers and bountiful surf lessons and surf camps options, learn to surf with one of the best surf schools in India.Currently Indica surf school is located in 3 locations, Mangalore in Karnataka, Murud in Maharashtra, and Nileshwar in Kerala.

          As much as surfing is our passion, we would love to introduce surfers of all ages and levels to the sport and spirit of surfing in an energetic and positive environment. Here at Indica, we thrive to provide you with the best surfing experience for both beginners and intermediates.Safety will be our prior concern. Whether your goal is to learn to surf or take advanced surf lessons, Indica surf school promises an unforgettable experience.

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Mangalore, Karnataka

          Mangalore is home to surfing and is our first location. With consistent good waves, it is the best location for beginners. Our main surf spot Panambur beach is located 5 km from Mangalore city. The sandy beach in Panambur is perfect for learning surfing. The beach has good local surfers who teach surfing in a professional and fun way. Panambur beach also has other activities like jet skiing and speed boating. if you are around Mangalore then it will be worth it to try out surfing at our Mangalore locations.


Nileshwar, Kerala

          Nileshwar in Kerala is our favourite location with India's best point breaks. Learn to surf from here with a scenic view of the Bekal fort and a majestic sunset. This place is best for intermediate and professional surfers.

         Surfing right next to Bekal fort has a nice open face wave which is good for improving your skill from beginner to intermediate level. This wave will help you improve your skills rapidly, because its a point break and it breaks every time at the same place. Our trainers are internationally certified and are capable of teaching intermediate and professional athletes.This is the perfect location to step up your skills as a surfer.


Murud, Maharashtra

         Murud in Maharashtra is our latest surf destination. Our search for clean waters near Mumbai got us to this perfect place.

         Murud Beach is a nice sandy and long beach, and you can ride the wave as long as 250m, which is one of the longest in our surf spots. For people from Mumbai and Pune, this place is an ideal getaway from the city. We are located 240kms from Mumbai, 190kms from Pune, and a 100kms from Mahabaleshwar. Relax and enjoy surfing, away from all the city noise.

Our Team

Dhruv Das

ISA Certified Surf Instructor with 13 years of surfing in India

Jayraj Karkera

Jay is a local surf guru. And he is a great lifeguard and an excellent waterman.

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Indica Surf School Indian Oil Tank Farm Kasba Bengre, Mangaluru, Karnataka.

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