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Indica Surf School

About Us

Welcome to India’s favourite Surf School!

We are passionate about developing, building and growing surfing and aquatic sports. We want to teach and introduce new surfers to our sport but we also want them to become ‘surfers’, knowing all about the ocean and aquatic environment.

We also want to develop the whole aquatic sports industry including a multitude of other surf and aquatic sports. Come join us, come and experience the joy, the freedom and the adrenalin of playing in our Aquatic Playground!

Indica Surf School is committed to providing the highest quality lessons with the most professional instructors throughout India. We are also committed to providing these at affordable prices. We are passionate about surfing and sharing our love of the sport with as many people as possible. We want to see our sport, the sport of surfing, grow throughout all of India. We want to strive to develop and take surfing to the heights that cricket is in our country. We know this is a big challenge but with over 7500km of Coastline, the potential is huge.

About Indica Surf School

Indica Surf School Has A Dream

The Indica Surf School dream is to increase the number of surfers, raise the level of surfing skills and grow the surfing industry. We want to see the number of recreational surfers increase as well as the number of competitive surfers and competitions grow. We want to see an increasing number of Indian athletes competing in regional, state and national competitions and see Team India compete in international competitions as well as Indian athletes regularly competing in international competitions throughout the world.

India is blessed with an abundance of amazing natural sporting talent. This talent can no doubt be directed towards and into our sport. Indica Surf School wants to attract as much of this talent to try surfing and hopefully ignite the passion and desire to pursue and continue surfing.

This can only be achieved through strong growth of our sport. For surfing to get bigger and more popular, the sport and the surf industry need to focus on the growth and development at grass roots level. This requires a commitment to introducing new people into the sport continuously, to constantly feed more new surfers into the sport and this can be best done through surf schools teaching the correct techniques. Our Surf School wants to be a major part of this at our surf school operations

Indica Surf School Commitment

Our Surf School commitment is to increase the number of people coming through our surf schools by running our comprehensive surf lessons and surf courses at affordable prices but maintaining our highest quality and professional lesson structure and content.

We operate at a number of locations including Indica Surf School bases in Karnartaka and Maharashtra. We also have a small base in Kerala and more are soon to come!

About Indica Surf School

Surf Academy

Our Surfing Academy offers a number of options for people to begin surfing, develop their surfing and continue their progression and improvement. Surfers need different focus and different opportunities at the different levels and stages during their surfing. Our Academy offers beginner learn to surf lessons, intermediate lessons and also has advanced surf coaching. We are committed to the highest quality of surf programs in India and at affordable prices.

For surfing to grow as a sport, we need to encourage participation at the grass roots level for beginners and introducing people to the sport which our Surfing Academy does through our learn to surf beginner lessons. We also know that there is a need for instructing, training and coaching for more than those just learning so our Surfing Academy puts a lot of emphasis into higher level programs and training as well.

Our Surfing Academy offers a Surfing Certificate system, the original and only Surfing Certificate Program in India. This rewards surfers with progressive improvement through issuing a surfer with a Surfing Certificate when they successfully complete the requirements. Our Surfing Academy developed and introduced this 6 Certificate, 5 Level Surfing Certificate Program to help encourage and motivate surfers to keep surfing, to gain more skills and proficiency and therefore to get the next Level Certificate, thus getting better and better.

We want our surfers to get better faster. We want them to improve as quickly as possible while at the same time having a lot of fun and staying safe, learning new surfing skills and importantly also new surf safety and surf awareness skills. We offer a variety of surfing programs to meet our aims and goals of improving and growing surfing in India as quickly as possible. If we do not have something to offer that one of our surfers or potential surfers wants to do, please Contact Us and we will design a bespoke program when we can to meet that specific aim.

Mulki Beach

Our Indica Surf Instructors

Our Surf Instructors are professionally trained to provide you with the most comprehensive lessons in a safe environment while having a lot of fun. We pride ourselves on having surf instructors that are experienced, relaxed and easy going but highly professional dedicated to giving all our surfers the best experience they can have in our lessons.

Our main priority in each and every class is of course the safety of all our surfers. Our surf instructors are trained as surf instructors but also trained in in surf rescue techniques and hold surf rescue certificates and are skilled in reading and understanding the ocean and surf conditions to make sure that conditions are always safe for our surfers – whether they can swim or not.

If our instructors feel that conditions are not suitable and safe, then the lessons would be postponed to an alternate time when more appropriate conditions can be present. We also choose our surf instructors, as well on their qualifications and skills teaching, but also on their personal skills, their energy and passion for teaching our surfers in lessons. If you are a qualified professional Surf Instructor and believe you have the skills, qualities, passion and drive to fit into our dynamic Team, please contact us.

“I had a lovely time at Indica Surf School. As a beginner I got many help and I was able to stand up on my first day already! The accommodation was also perfect, very peaceful! Thank you!”
Villo Lantos Trip Advisor
“One of most amazing things to try out, extremely friendly instructors. I am a novice in surfing but the trainers helped me, encouraged and gave good tips to catch waves. Thanks for that. Would recommend everyone to try from here.”
Durga Lakshmipathy Trip Advisor
“I took a 5 day surf course with Indica Surf School. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. The Instructors are Highly professional and experienced. Food was really amazing and the rooms provided were clean and thorou... Read More
Pranit Patil Trip Advisor