Indica Surf School

Indica Surf House

Our Indica Surf House is located in the beautiful quiet rural surrounds of Mulki, in Mangalore Taluk. We are about 1.5km from the centre of Mulki town itself and are surrounded by fields and rice paddies with fantastic views.

All our accommodation options are located in the same compound. We have four Deluxe Rooms and one Semi Deluxe Room in our main new House. We have an adjacent building housing two other Semi Deluxe Rooms and then also adjacent to the main House are our share accommodation dorm rooms.

There are plenty of areas here to relax and enjoy the peacefulness in our garden.

The views from our land are beautiful. Surrounded by nature, we overlook fields with two of our Deluxe Rooms having views of the Shambhavi River and the other two Deluxe Rooms looking over fields with the Nandini River and backwaters in the distance.

We are blessed with the most amazing aquatic playground on our doorstep. We have the flatwater of the Shambhavi River immediately in front and then the surf beach on the other side of the river. There is the river mouth a short distance away where the Shambhavi and Nandini Rivers meet and flow into the ocean. Exploring the backwaters of the Shambhavi or Nandini Rivers on kayak, SUP or in our boat is a fantastic way to make the most of our riverside location.

Deluxe Room - Indica Surf House

Deluxe Rooms

Our Deluxe Rooms have large living areas, private wash rooms and large balconies. Each of the four rooms has the option of AC or Non AC. Our rates include meals, WIFI, bottled drinking water and transport to the beach for the lessons. The starting rate for staying with us in our Deluxe Rooms is ₹3500 Non AC and ₹3900 with AC. This is for up to two people per night.

For guests staying in the Deluxe Rooms, extra beds can be added to the room to increase the occupancy to 4. It is an additional ₹1500 per person per night for extras.

Deluxe Rooms (x4) | Room 19ftx13ft | Wash Room 6ftx5ft | Balcony

Semi Deluxe Rooms

Our Semi Deluxe Rooms are all on the ground floor. They each have large living areas and wash rooms as well. Meals, WIFI, bottled drinking water and transport to the beach are also included when staying in these rooms. The starting rate for staying with us in our Semi Deluxe Rooms is ₹2500 for up to two people per night.

Semi-Deluxe Rooms (x3) | Room 15ftx14ft | Wash Room 7ftx5ft | Balcony

Semi Deluxe Room - Indica Surf House
Dorm Room - Indica Surf House

Dorm Rooms

Our Dorm Room includes share accommodation with bunk beds and shared wash rooms. All of our guests have access to their own personal lockable locker. Meals, WIFI, bottled drinking water and transport to the beach are included as part of the stay. The starting rate for staying with us in our Dorm Rooms is ₹1200 per night.

Dorm Rooms (15 beds, with shared wash room)

Our Location

Mulki is located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. In the Western Ghats, our state of Karnataka has 10 designated World Heritage Sites in 2012.

We are located on the outskirts of Mulki in Karnataka. We are about 25km from Mangalore, far removed from the hustle and bustle business of the city. Mangalore is the state’s only city to have all four modes of transport—air, road, rail and sea, so we are very easy to get to.

Mulki Beach

Vehicle Hire

We offer a small range of vehicle hire. As well as our bicycles which are ₹350/ per person, we also offer Scooters, a Bullet and a Car. These rates per day are

  • Scooty – ₹600 per day.
  • Royal Enfield – ₹1000/ per day.
  • Car Rental – ₹2500/ per day.

This does not include fuel and our guests must return all the vehicles with a full tank.

Scooty Hire
Car hire
“I had a lovely time at Indica Surf School. As a beginner I got many help and I was able to stand up on my first day already! The accommodation was also perfect, very peaceful! Thank you!”
Villo Lantos Trip Advisor
“One of most amazing things to try out, extremely friendly instructors. I am a novice in surfing but the trainers helped me, encouraged and gave good tips to catch waves. Thanks for that. Would recommend everyone to try from here.”
Durga Lakshmipathy Trip Advisor
“I took a 5 day surf course with Indica Surf School. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. The Instructors are Highly professional and experienced. Food was really amazing and the rooms provided were clean and thorou... Read More
Pranit Patil Trip Advisor