Advanced Surf Coaching

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Lessons and coaching are not just for beginners. Athletes of all levels can still benefit from high quality coaching. Our Advanced Surf Coaching will ensure our surfers continue to improve and progress into high performance advanced surfers.

Once surfers have practiced a lot of quality repetition and have been dedicated to improving and perfecting their performance, they move towards the advanced level. This can take a long time though to reach the advanced stage and requires concerted effort from the surfer as well as consistent regular training with a coach. This training though needs to be specific and detailed high level coaching.

The coach needs to have an intricate understanding of techniques, biomechanics, muscle movements and muscle patterns but also must possess superior communication skills to be able to pass information and feedback on to the athletes in a manner that they can understand and then know how to go about implementing technical changes and what they can do to improve their performances.

Athletes also have to have faith and belief in their coaches' knowledge and coaching skills. They must be confident in the feedback that they are being given and be motivated to work hard to strive to better their skills and improve their performances.

Our Advanced Surf Coaching Programs are unmatched in India.

Our Advanced Surf Coaching aims to develop the best surfers in India and help raise the overall level and standard of the best surfers in India.

Indica Surf School offers Advanced Coaching in camp and surf tour style programs. These will be coached by the most experienced and advanced surf coach in India.

We will only be running these at certain specific times of the year. Please contact us if you are interested in joining one of these upcoming Advanced Surf Coaching programs and we can keep you informed about planned dates.

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