Benefits of Surfing

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Surfing offers so many benefits and is so much more than just a sport and an activity for exercise.

It is of course amazing fun, highly addictive and gives all the excitement and adrenalin rush of an extreme activity and sport

There are also the physical health benefits that come from exercising, as with any type of exercise. These are an important benefit of surfing of course with the cardiovascular benefits as well as the benefits of increased muscle usage and muscular development. There is the co-ordination that is required too.

There are a huge number of mental health benefits as well. When out in the surf, as a surfer we are out in the ocean, really at the whim of the environment and we have the opportunity to ride and be one with the power of nature. The ocean is such a calming peaceful place and to be immersed in this while doing such an amazing sport is unique. Not only will the exercise help calm and relax people, bringing them back into their own equilibrium but the ocean and being out on the water has a huge impact.

The benefits of surfing also extend to personal circumstances too. As well as providing an exciting opportunity to do a healthy fit activity and participate in something that has multifaceted health benefits, surfing can offer a whole lot more than being just a sport.

For those competitive minded people, it opens up the opportunity to compete in contests in the local area, in the region and states as well as national competitions. Also for the elite level of Indian athletes, there is also the possibility of being able to compete in international competition including ISA World Championships where athlete’s compete for the country.

As well as competing it also means surfers will meet other surfers from all over India making new friends all around the country

. These surfers will also have the chance to meet any other international surfers, judges, officials and others that come to the Indian contests.

The benefits of surfing also extend to employment opportunities. It can also open up a whole lot of new options for employment whether this is in Surf Schools as assistants and surf school staff, as a professional surf instructor or even potentially as a business owner having a surf school. There can be other options such as being a lifeguard, working on the beaches in beach management programs, driving craft or running beach activities for tourists.

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