Children’s Surf Programs

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Safety and the safety of the children surfing with us will ALWAYS BE OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

Keeping our surfers safe is vital in all our programs but we take special care in our children's surf programs to ensure their safety as well as their fun, enjoyment and engagement in our programs.

Our Children’s Surf Programs will be specifically designed for training children. These will include specific surfing skills and teaching surfing and surf techniques. There will also be a large focus on basic surf skills, surf safety and surf awareness. From a young age, we want to begin to develop understanding, awareness, skills, competence and confidence in children to be able to enjoy the ocean and surf in a variety of ways.

Our Children’s Surf Programs will be key for developing their enjoyment and love of the ocean but also their lifelong safety. The skills we want to teach and include in our Children’s Surf Programs will be there to set them up for life for safe understanding and participation in surf and aquatic activities.


School Surfing Programs

We offer programs designed to fit within the education system so they can be integrated in to Schools. These maybe weekly surfing or surf skills lessons for local schools or surf camps set over a number of days or a week.

School Holiday Surf Camps

We will also have Children's Surf Programs in holiday times with Holiday Surf Camps. These will entail comprehensive structured daily lessons aimed at engaging the children for the entirety of the program, having their surf and ocean skills improve, having a heap of fun and of course, keeping them safe!

Surfing Birthday Parties

As a unique party option as well, we offer Birthday Party Surf Lessons and other special function Surf Lessons for children. Of course, we can also offer these to people of all ages whether they are adults, children or a mixed group. Surfing with family or friends for a special occasion will be a lifelong memory for everyone lucky enough to be involved!

Our Children’s Surf Programs, like all our Programs, will be unique in India. They will cover content and information that no other surf school or aquatic training provider is able to provide.

We will provide the best, most comprehensive programs in our Children’s Surfing Programs to ensure they meet the high standard of Programs that we demand in all our services.

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