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We take pride in being able to teach and introduce everyone to our amazing sport of surfing. Even if you are not able to swim very well, or possibly are not able to even swim at all, you can still experience the thrills and excitement of surfing with us. We teach you in shallow water so you will always be able to stand. As long as you are comfortable in water, then come and join us, come and learn to surf with us and feel the adrenalin rush of catching your first waves!

We have no age limit for teaching people to surf. We have taught children as young as 3 years old and youngsters at heart in their 80’s who have wanted to try surfing and experience the high of riding waves!

We offer all levels of surf lessons from beginners through to intermediate and advanced lessons. 

We are passionate about increasing the number of surfers in India but also improving the skill and performance level of Indian surfing and surfers.

We have a range of options, packages, lessons and programs to offer a lot of flexibility. Please 

At our Mangalore Mulki main base, we can offer evrything for a full trip including accommodation, meals, surf lessons, other aquatic activities and all that is required for a great fun trip to the Coast. We offer all levels of accommodation from budget share in our Dorm Room to high end luxury in our Mulki Surf House. The best and easiest way to organise and plan a Group Trip is to contact us on our Indica mobile or via email info @ indicasurfschool.com 


We are always on the look out for new members to join our Indica Crew. Please check out our page here

To improve your skills, come and do one of our programs where our professional experienced instructors will help you learn, progress and develop your skills and performance to a higher level.

Yes we offer surf board rental for those that already know how to surf and have done lessons with us. Check here for more details

No. We offer surf board rental. We also offer other activities for you to enjoy and all the equipment is provided for your use and enjoyment.

You can pay through PayPal on our website or also pay by RazorPay. Please contact for more information

Absolutely. We offer our accommodation to surfers and non surfers alike. Whether you want to surf, or do any of our other aquatic activities, or not, everyone is always welcome to stay. Our Mulki Surf House is an amazing place to relax and spend some quality down time in a beautiful location!

We offer a range of affordable packages for learning to surf and improving your surfing. We also offer packages that can include other aquatic sports and activities, plus accommodation and meal options at out Mangalore base in Mulki

We would love to have you stay with us! We love having people learning to surf or coming to improve their surfing with us. We are even more excited when we can also welcome you into our beautiful Mulki Indica Home with plenty of options to cater for all budgets from our budget conscious shared dorm rooms, mid range and high end rooms. Check out our  accommodation options here

Come and play with us in our amazing and growing Aquatic Playground! We offer a range of aquatic activities and are super excited to be the first in India to be introducing, offering and teaching a range of water sports. You can come and enjoy kayaking, stand up paddling, body surfing, prone paddling, foiling, improve your aquatic knowledge and skills, increase your surf skills or train and get qualified as a professional lifeguard


At both of our bases, in Mangalore and Dapoli, there are plenty of interesting and enjoyable things to do in our local areas. Please ask us for some more information and some tips on what to see and do. In Mulki, you can also take one of our available bicycles to ride around and look at things. Alternatively to go further afield, ask us about renting one of our scooters for the day or duration of your stay.

We recommend that as soon as you know when you want to come and surf with us or come and stay as well with us you book in. We do have limited availability and so, especially during busy times, holiday periods and festival times, we can be booked out and have no or limited options. To avoid missing out, book and pay your deposit early. We do need payment of a non refundable deposit before we can confirm and lock in a booking for you. Full payment will then be needed prior to arrival.

This is one of the most asked questions. Unfortunately it is one that we cannot give you a definite answer to. Every one learns different and progresses differently. While most people will stand up and ride waves in their first lesson, some may take a little longer and then progress quickly. Some who maybe stood up on their first wave, may then take longer to progress further.

We suggest taking as many lessons as you can and then practice as much as you can. It is a great fun sport and each time you have a lesson, not only will it be really enjoyable you will be learning and improving more and more.

Absolutely. The more you begin to learn and understand about the ocean, the waves, the surf and the aquatic environment, the easier you will find it to learn and progress more, developing your skills better and faster.

Body Surfing, for example, is an excellent skill for safety but also so you can learn and understand more about the waves and the power of the ocean, making it easier for you to read the ocean and read the surf.

We sure can. No other aquatic operation has the experience and facilities to be able to handle large groups like we can in our Mulki base. Whether it is for a single session, an overnight stay or longer, we would love to discuss tailoring a program to your group. We can provide the highest quality, professional programs for schools, school camps, corporate groups or any of type of group interested in staying with us whether this includes our aquatic activities like surfing or not. Contact us for more details or to enquire how we can tailor a program to meet your needs for your group.

At the moment we only have bases on the West Coast which means during the West Coast monsoon season of May/June through to October we unfortunately do need to close down our water activities. Our Indica Surf House though is still open and available for people to stay. If conditions permit and we deem it safe, we may be able to provide you with some unscheduled aquatic activities, but this of course we cannot guarantee, it would just be a bonus.

We do have plans to open operations in other locations allowing us to operate 12 months of the year though!

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