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With Us As An Indica Volunteer

Indica is a dynamic company providing Indian leading quality, professionalism, services, sports, lifestyle activities and operations. We are passionate about providing the best experiences our guests can have. We want our staff to all share in these aspirations.

Volunteers play an important role in our progressive and quickly growing operations and we are always extremely excited to welcome new members to Team Indica.

Some of the more specific roles and skills that Indica Surf School can be looking for in our volunteers includes

     • Photographers
     • Videographers + Editing
     • Graphic Designers
     • People who can assist our staff in our Surfing sessions
     • People who can assist our staff in Stand up paddling sessions
     • People who can assist our staff in Kayaking sessions
     • People who can assist our staff in Cycling
     • People who can assist our staff in Equipment maintenance
     • Guest engagement

Some of the additional general roles, duties and jobs a volunteer may be requested to do. These are only some of the tasks and are given as an example and are non exclusive.

    • Office help
    • Returning calls to potential guests
    • Social Media posting
    • Assisting any Events that may happen at Indica
    • Assisting in Guest entertainment and engagement
    • Transportation (Pick up and drop off to airport, bus stand, train station, to surfing lessons or other locations)
    • Assisting our instructors with surf lessons, SUP or kayak sessions or other aquatic activities
    • Assisting loading, unloading, cleaning and stacking boards or other equipment before and after use
    • Assisting in cleaning accommodation rooms including changing sheets when a guest(s) leaves
    • Assisting in cooking, serving and cleaning up before and after meals
    • Assisting in cleaning and tidying Indica areas
    • Assisting in shopping
    • General help and assistance when requested in Indica operations and daily operations

As a Volunteer, Indica will provide you with

    • Share accommodation including share washrooms
    • A standard size veg meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Drinking water
    • Access to wifi
    • Access to and ability to join in our various activities when you are not working, including surfing, kayaking and SUP’ing when we are running these activities and there is availability for you to join

While we believe we provide an amazing range of opportunities to work with us at Indica, there is a serious side to it and it does come with a range or Protocols, Expectations and Rules.

Our reputation and standard of services, activities and guest experiences are critical for us. Therefore we do have some strict requirements and conditions for all our staff, whether paid or volunteer.

During the period of a Position at Indica (Indica includes both Indica Surf School and Aventura Indica), all staff agree to

    • Complete all tasks given by Indica Management to the best of their ability, meeting or surpassing the standards as expected by Indica Management
    • Comply with daily and weekly rosters set by Indica management for allocated duties
    • Treat all Indica Staff and Management with respect and dignity
    • Treat all Indica Guests and Customers with respect and dignity no matter where they are from, their age, religion or background and not discriminate for any other reason
    • Follow all Indica’s procedures and standards, including those relating to health and safety, equal opportunities, customer care, and confidentiality in relation to its staff, volunteers and clients
    • Meet time commitments and standards agreed to, and to give reasonable notice of any absences so that other arrangements can be made
    • The days of work, hours per day, individual roles and responsibilities, and other position specific information will be individually discussed and documented pursuant to each staff member depending upon their position within the Indica operations.

Rules of Aventura Indica and Indica Surf School

Indica Surf School and Aventura Indica are passionate about creating an enjoyable, relaxed, non-threatening, fun and exciting environment for all our guests and staff. At all times, it must be the focus of all staff – paid or volunteer – to build and maintain this feeling and vibe.

Any behaviour, actions, conversations, language or other, whether it is direct or indirect, that breaches this will not be tolerated. This includes

    • Swearing, use of bad language or making dirty, unacceptable comments
    • Drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs on our land and in our buildings
    • Returning to our buildings and land intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Arriving to work or to perform your duties under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Being rude to; making fun of; belittling; or displaying any other negative attitude to any of our Indica guests, staff or management
    • Trying to start any sort of sexual relationship with any of our guests; making any sexual advances, comments or inferences to our guests; doing anything deemed inappropriate or making our guests in any way feel uncomfortable or threatened

We have to enforce these strict protocols, expectations and rules to ensure we are constantly meeting the high standards and professionalism that we set ourselves.

Any breaches of the above will result in immediate termination of this contract. If a staff member is terminated effective immediately, whether paid or volunteer, upon notification of immediate termination, will have no more than 24 hours to leave Indica. During the time from being terminated to leaving the premises, the staff member will have NO access to meals, drinks, activities or any other benefits associated with being part of Indica.

All staff are required to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, to meet or surpass expected standards and within the acceptable time frame when requested by Indica management or their supervisor.

Copyrighted Intellectual Property (IP) of Indica Surf School Documentation, Structures and Operating Procedures

The IP of Indica Surf School including Documentation, Structures and Operating Procedures of Indica Surf School and Aventura Indica is legally copyrighted to Indica Surf School, Aventura Indica and in some cases copyrighted to associated international companies and organisations. This IP remains the property of Indica and affiliates and cannot be shared, shown, used, discussed or given to anyone else.

It is illegal to use any of the IP learnt during a staff members time at Indica for any purpose outside of performing their roles and duties at Indica. It is illegal to show, discuss, describe or share this IP with anyone outside Indica and upon completion of the time at Indica, this cannot be taken and used elsewhere. It remains the explicit property of Indica and affiliates. This includes any and all work you might have worked on, assisted with and completed during your time at Indica. This work immediately becomes and remains the property of Indica.

Breaching of this is illegal and could result in legal action taken against you by Indica Surf School, Aventura Indica or one of the foreign organisations.

The Process of Becoming a Volunteer at Indica

We have a simple process of becoming a Volunteer.

The steps are

    1. We advertise for Volunteer Positions being available or we receive interest from a prospective interested person wanting to volunteer at Indica
    2. Those who are interested contact us and are provided with the information detailing the positions and what is entailed in working with us at Indica and also supplied with an Application Form
    3. For those that after reading the information want to apply for a position, complete the Volunteer Application Form and return it back to us, together with a resume, via mail to [email protected]
    4. Indica Management reviews the application
    5. Where Indica Management decides that an application fits with Indica and the roles we are looking to fill, a follow up interview will be organized with one or more of the management team
    6. If all goes well in the interview and Indica Management are happy with the applicant, the applicant will be offered a position
    7. The successful applicant will be sent a Volunteer Contract that must be completed and signed to then be returned to Indica to [email protected] within 48 hours. This contract will include important information about their role, the expectations as well as specific duties and general duties of the Volunteer and the starting date. A finish date may also be included.
    8. Coordinate your arrival with Indica Management and complete your Indica induction so you can start your new position
    9. Once you begin, perform your duties given and follow our guidelines
    10. Have an amazing time, try new things, experience Indica and our aquatic playground while balancing your duties and commitments

Volunteers will be exposed to a wide range of jobs, skills and new knowledge and training. It is a perfect way to learn new sports but also gain crucial experience and training in the water sports/surf/service industries.

For volunteers that show the high qualities we are needing there is always the high possibility that paid permanent position in our Indica Team may be offered.

If you are interested to apply for one of our Indica Volunteer positions, please send us a mail to [email protected]

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Head Office

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