Intermediate Surf Lessons

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After the initial phase of learning to surf, and ideally completing our Learn to Surf Programs, we have our Intermediate Surf Lessons.

These Intermediate Surf Lessons will teach surfers progressive techniques and intermediate skills to our surfers.

This will enable the surfer to continue to improve their surfing skills. Also at the same time, the surfers will continue to learn more and understand more about the ocean, surfing and basic surf awareness and surf safety.

It is imperative for intermediate surfers to consolidate their skills and techniques during this phase of their learning curve and surfing journey. If corners are cut and the surfer tries to progress to more advanced skills and manoeuvres too early and too quickly before the fundamental base core skills are perfected, the long term potential and development can be very adversely affected.

It is an excellent idea for surfers therefore to come back to a professional instructor to ensure that they are practicing correctly and developing effectively and efficiently. This is where our Intermediate Surf Lessons are specifically directed towards. It is not always about teaching new techniques but often about refining already known skills and improving them to a more advanced level.

The safety of surfers is paramount to us, not only in our lessons, but also when they continue to surf by themselves or with friends. The ocean can be a very dangerous place when not treated with respect and smart decisions made. Because of this, we find it our responsibility to ensure our surfers continue to learn surfing skills in our intermediate surf lessons but also continue to gain more knowledge and understanding in understanding the ocean and surf and all the dangers and risks involved so these can be minimised. As surfers improve, they begin to go further out to sea, into little deeper waters and also begin to surf bigger waves that have more power.

The stage of an intermediate surfer can be mixed with excitement but then also frustrations. Most of the basic techniques are learnt, understood and mastered. It becomes a stage where much practiced is required to keep improving. A lot of time can be spent practicing without formal lessons but there is also a lot of benefits to having follow up surf lessons to ensure the techniques being practiced are correct and to get professional advice and feedback to ensure efficient improvement and progress.

It should be a period of plenty of fun and plenty of time spent in the ocean catching as many waves as possible in as many varied conditions as possible. The love of the sport should be getting more and more

The surfer who only surfs in perfect conditions, will only be a partly abled surfer and not a well rounded consistent surfer in all conditions. This is important and so the surfer should be excited to surf in all conditions from perfect glassy light off shore conditions to small, weak onshore windy conditions.

The intermediate surfer must not allow frustrations to cloud their enjoyment or their development. They need to begin to learn how to self analyse their surfing performance and understand how they can improve mistakes they may be making.

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