Kayaking in India

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Kayaking is another excellent sport that we provide sessions for. Kayaking is perfect for everyone. Swimming, balance, athletic skills, fitness are not requirements. While they are helpful and beneficial, they are not a prerequisite.

Everyone wears a lifejacket to maximise and ensure the safety for all, we have very stable easy to paddle kayaks and we offer varying sessions from a relaxed float and light paddle just around a small short distance to longer multi hour paddles for those that want to have an adventure and see the local area from the kayak.

This means that anyone can come and join us in our kayaking sessions. These are amazing. For people that have never been on the water, it is the perfect opportunity to try something new and try a water sport.

Being on the water and seeing things from the water is a completely new feeling. It offers a totally different perspective and is a must for everyone to do and experience.

Kayaking is also a great fun activity and healthy past time. Our kayak sessions can be relaxed cruising around the flat water rivers or paddling on a specific designated paddle route.

A new addition are our camping expeditions which are for those adventurous types that want to combine a paddle along the river with overnight camping.

Contact us for more information about our kayaking programs and to book in for kayaking with us in our various locations.

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