Learn to Surf in Dapoli

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Learn to surf in Dapoli with us at our Maharashtran surf school, the best Mumbai learn to surf lessons!

Our base is at Silver Sand Resort on Murud Beach. Murud Beach offers the ideal location for learning to surf and improving your surfing. There are also many pods of dolphins in the area which can regularly be seen from the beach, playing in the waves and frolicking in the ocean!

With a picturesque location and fantastic gentle learn to surf waves rolling over a long sand bank, our Dapoli learn to surf base offers an excellent opportunity to come and learn to surf in Dapoli and Maharashtra, especially for those living in Mumbai and Pune.

For those that can already surf, there can be very fun waves behind the impact zone at Murud itself. There are also a number of other spots along the Dapoli beaches where great waves offer multiple manoeuvre opportunities on both lefts and rights. Dapoli is still a yet to be discovered surfing destination so the waves are empty and are ideal for those wanting to improve their skills and performance.

An escape to the Coast, a retreat on the beach and the exhilarating experience to learn to surf in Dapoli with us offers Maharasthrans a close location to get away, even if it is just for a few days.

We have accommodation packages at a number of resorts in the Dapoli area including Silver Sand Resort, Sea Conch and Exotica Suvarna Sumudra.

Our Surf School base at Silver Sand Resort offers a beach front location with direct beach access. Our surfers who are not staying at Silver Sand Resort can still enjoy the afternoon after their lesson with us at the Resort. This maybe relaxing in the hammocks or beach chairs, enjoying cold drinks and snacks, dolphin watching from the beach or resort grounds. For those that are after some more action, we also have our own other activities like kayaking and SUP paddling based on Dapoli’s river for our surfers that want more water sports! As well, there are Boat and Jetski Rides right next to the Silver Sand Resort.

There are also plenty of temples to visit like the Keshavraj Temple where you have a short hike to the temple through betel nut and jackfruit trees. There is a renowned Ganapathi temple as well, sitting atop a hill overlooking Harnai and the ocean.

Another great option to visit is the Parshuram Bhumi site where there is a tall statue of Vishnu’s sixth avatar, Parashurama, standing upon a globe. Within this sphere under Parashurama is a spot perfect for meditation and reflection.

In the area there are also many more tourist sites like caves, hot water springs and waterfalls. As well as coming to learn to surf in Dapoli with us, there are many other activities and places to visit.

Our Surf Lesson Prices in Dapoli are

  • Single Lesson ₹2000
  • 3 Lesson Package ₹5000
  • 5 Lesson Package ₹7500
  • 10 Lesson Package ₹12500 with 4 free board rentals after the lesson


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