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Learning to Surf in India

Surfing is a quickly growing sport in India for all parts of society. Whether you are young or older, man or lady, boy or girl, experienced swimmer or not a swimmer at all, sporty or not overly athletic you should definitely still consider coming to join us. Now is a great time to start learning to surf in India. We would love the opportunity to share our love and our passion of surfing with you in our surf lessons.

Surfing as a sport is fantastic for so many things. It is an excellent physical activity, perfect for health and fitness and great for developing and toning muscles and helping weight loss. It is also a huge benefit for the mind to help people relax, focus on catching and riding waves and forgetting about any worries or issues that may be present in life.

When learning with us, we will take you through the basics to give you a fantastic foundation to build on in the future as you continue to surf and improve. We offer many options to learn to surf in India with us whether it is through our different locations in in one of our many lesson options.

We are excited and committed to building surfing and therefore growing learning to surf in India. We want to see a growing number of people join our sport. The best way to do this is to increase the number of Indians who want to begin surfing so that the numbers of surfers increase and grow.

Surfing is an amazing sport and activity. It is so much more than just exercise. Surfing is a lifestyle, way of life and it opens up a whole new perspective on life and outlook on how we do things.

We want to make it as easy as possible to have learning to surf in India as accessible as possible to everyone. We have a number of options and different locations along the West Coast for people learning to surf in India. We are hoping to also expand to the East Coast soon as well!

Come and begin learning to surf in India with us, experience the joy and adrenaline rush of catching a wave, of riding the energy of the sea and being in sync with the ocean.

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