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It would be our privilege to introduce you to the amazing sport of surfing. It is something we are passionate about and would love to share this with you!





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Throughout India surfing is a quickly growing sport and becoming a favourite past time and activity for Indians, as it is all around the world. In this very exciting period, it is a perfect time to start and to Learn to Surf.

As with starting anything new, when learning to surfing, it is highly recommended that a person get lessons from professional surf instructors. It is vital that someone learning something new gets taught the correct methods and techniques.

Our comprehensive Learn to Surf Lessons introduce new surfers to our amazing sport with easy to understand instructions using the correct surfing technique. When you are taught correct methods and techniques, it builds a strong basis and foundation to then progress and develop faster and perform better.

For those excited and willing to learn to surf but having slight concerns about not being able to swim or not being strong swimmers, this is something that should pose no problem. We have taught many many people before who cannot swim at all, have never been in the ocean, have never seen the surf and even some who have only ever been wet when taking a bath!

The structure of our Learn to Surf Lessons has been set up to ensure that even those with no skills or experience in the surf and ocean can still experience the thrills and excitement of catching and riding waves. The learn to surf lesson progresses through the most basic skills needed and slowly progresses through to being out in the water catching waves. All of our beginner surf lessons begin with practice on the sand before then getting out in to the water. In the beginning and during the first few lessons, unless someone learns and excels very quickly, are all in shallow water only where everyone can always stand. The waves are small and gentle. Our professional instructors are always in the water assisting our surfers in the lessons, only broken small waves are caught with the instructor assisting each surf by pushing them onto the waves. As the surfers improve, then they are able to start paddling onto their own waves.

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Surf Safety
We also provide other basic information in our learn to surf lessons including basic information about the ocean and the surf, safety tips and other information important for the beginner to know as they learn to surf.

Safety is ALWAYS our priority and number one concern in all the lessons, whether they are learn to surf lessons or more advanced sessions. Our instructors use their skills, knowledge and experience to decide on where the best place to learn is, where the waves are best and importantly where the safest conditions are.

Indica Surf School prides itself on providing learn to surf lessons through to advanced coaching sessions where our participants have the greatest time and feel safety at all times.

What's Included?
For our Learn to Surf Lessons, we provide single Learn to Surf Lessons, 3 Day Programs, 5 Day Programs and 10 Day programs. We can also provide customised programs for programs of other lengths of time as well. Have a look at our Surfing Lesson Packages for more information on the options. If you are looking for accommodation, in some of our locations we have options we can provide you with as well.

We love what we do, are passionate about our sport and surfing and are super excited to be at the forefront of surf schools and learn to surf in India.

We have our unique Indian Surf Certificate Program, the only ones in India that offer this progressive program, that will help motivate our students to learn and progress. This Program also helps students know what they will be learning, what they will be working on and their future development and skills that they will be tasked with completing to gain the next Certificate.

What Will You Learn?
Our Learn to Surf lessons aim to help new surfers learn and progress as quickly as possible. We want to help them on their way to be able to surf competently and riding their own waves as soon as they can. After even maybe one of our Learn to Surf lessons, our students often have the skills and confidence to be able to rent a board and continue practising these new skills by themselves.

This practice is also very important to complement the learn to surf lessons.

Honestly…The Best Experience You’ll Have!

Jim Hughes - Surf Development Manager, Surfing Australia 2011-2017

“I had a lovely time at Indica Surf School. As a beginner I got many help and I was able to stand up on my first day already! The accommodation was also perfect, very peaceful! Thank you!”
Villo Lantos Trip Advisor
“One of most amazing things to try out, extremely friendly instructors. I am a novice in surfing but the trainers helped me, encouraged and gave good tips to catch waves. Thanks for that. Would recommend everyone to try from here.”
Durga Lakshmipathy Trip Advisor
“I took a 5 day surf course with Indica Surf School. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. The Instructors are Highly professional and experienced. Food was really amazing and the rooms provided were clean and thorou... Read More
Pranit Patil Trip Advisor

Surf Lessons

We offer a range of options, a range of packages and number of types of lessons to ensure we can provide comprehensive surf lessons to all of our surfers. We have our Surf School bases in Mangalore, Karnataka and Dapoli, Maharashtra and would love to welcome you in one of our schools.
Beginner Surf Lessons

Learn To Surf

Experience the thrills of surfing with us. We offer Indian Surfing's best, most fun and comprehensive lessons!

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Intermediate Lessons

Once you have learnt the basics, it is time for you to get out there and practice. Surf, surf and surf some more!!

Advanced Coaching

Advanced Coaching

Mix it with the best Indian surfers. Keep training with us and doing our high performance surf coaching program.

Beginner Surf Lessons

School Camps

We offer comprehensive educational camp options for students that can lead to internationally recognized qualifications.

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP is a sport that anyone can take part in. We include flatwater, surf, racing, downwinding & SUP Foiling

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Learn To Foil

Experience the most insane addictive new aquatic sport of foiling. Feel what it is like to fly on water.