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Being strong, fit and having paddling strength, power and endurance are key components for all level of surfer to be able to surf to their potential. It helps performance in the water, assists the surfer in catching as many waves as possible and aids the surfer in riding the wave to its potential.


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Our Indica Surfing Fitness aims to give our surfers ideas, tips and programs to help build strength, fitness, power and endurance.

Surfing Fitness is a key component of performance for all surfers. Whether someone is a beginner, intermediate, advanced or elite surfer, their level of fitness will have a huge impact on how well they perform out in the surf.

When we are talking about surfing fitness, we are describing a number of factors that are important in performance and key to providing benefits in and out of the water to surfers of all levels.

Our aim is to build the performance of Indian surfing and Indian Surfers, we also want to introduce and begin to develop Indian Watermen. Without a solid surfing fitness base, surfers will not be able to perform at their peak and to their potential. We will also not be able to have surfers and water athletes joining us in our Waterman Training who have the sufficient and required fitness levels.

Our Indica Surfing Fitness Programs are designed to give surfers some ideas and assistance in getting fitter and stronger for surfing and aquatic sports. We will be developing this more and more especially as we begin to run out Indica Waterman Training Programs as these programs will be very surfing fitness dependent.

Surfing fitness is important for a number of reasons. To be able to perform at your best, a surfer needs to have good overall strength and cardiovascular fitness. To be able to last for long sessions in the water and be able to perform at consistently higher levels, a surfer needs good endurance strength and cardiovascular fitness.

To be able to perform strong critical maneuvers, a surfer needs to have very good joint mobility, joint strength and flexibility. SUP Paddlers and Prone Paddlers also need a very solid mix of training to be able to perform at their best. Paddlers need good strength for power and speed.

They also need excellent muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness and aerobic conditioning plus anaerobic fitness to be able to train and perform at higher intensities for longer! When we have our full training programs up, all of this will be comprehensively written and included in a training program for our Indica athletes to train and follow. It will be the best, most professional training available for surfers and paddlers throughout India and quite possibly all of Asia!

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What's Included?

The Waterman Program is a broad, wide ranging program encompassing multiple sports and skills. We cover surfing, SUP, kayak, body surfing, surf safety, surf awareness, prone paddling, self safety skills and surf rescue skills and training.

What Will You Learn?

Our Indica Watermen will be exposed to a range of sports and skills, comprehensive training and large volumes of information to build our Waterman participants to the highest level of accomplished and well-rounded watermen in India!

I had a lovely time at Indica Surf School!

Villő Lantos - 2019

“I had a lovely time at Indica Surf School. As a beginner I got many help and I was able to stand up on my first day already! The accommodation was also perfect, very peaceful! Thank you!”
Villo Lantos Trip Advisor
“One of most amazing things to try out, extremely friendly instructors. I am a novice in surfing but the trainers helped me, encouraged and gave good tips to catch waves. Thanks for that. Would recommend everyone to try from here.”
Durga Lakshmipathy Trip Advisor
“I took a 5 day surf course with Indica Surf School. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. The Instructors are Highly professional and experienced. Food was really amazing and the rooms provided were clean and thorou... Read More
Pranit Patil Trip Advisor

Surf Lessons

We offer a range of options, a range of packages and number of types of lessons to ensure we can provide comprehensive surf lessons to all of our surfers. We have our Surf School bases in Mangalore, Karnataka and Dapoli, Maharashtra and would love to welcome you in one of our schools.
Beginner Surf Lessons

Learn To Surf

Experience the thrills of surfing with us. We offer Indian Surfing's best, most fun and comprehensive lessons!

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Intermediate Lessons

Once you have learnt the basics, it is time for you to get out there and practice. Surf, surf and surf some more!!

Advanced Coaching

Advanced Coaching

Mix it with the best Indian surfers. Keep training with us and doing our high performance surf coaching program.

Beginner Surf Lessons

School Camps

We offer comprehensive educational camp options for students that can lead to internationally recognized qualifications.

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Stand Up Paddleboarding

SUP is a sport that anyone can take part in. We include flatwater, surf, racing, downwinding & SUP Foiling

Intermediate Surf Lessons

Learn To Foil

Experience the most insane addictive new aquatic sport of foiling. Feel what it is like to fly on water.