Our Surf Instructors

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Our Surf Instructors are professionally trained to provide you with the most comprehensive lessons in a safe environment while having a lot of fun.

We pride ourselves on having surf instructors that are experienced, relaxed and easy going but highly professional dedicated to giving all our surfers the best experience they can have in our lessons.

Our main priority in each and every class is of course the safety of all our surfers. Our surf instructors are trained as surf instructors but also trained in in surf rescue techniques and hold surf rescue certificates and are skilled in reading and understanding the ocean and surf conditions to make sure that conditions are always safe for our surfers – whether they can swim or not.

If our instructors feel that conditions are not suitable and safe, then the lessons would be postponed to an alternate time when more appropriate conditions can be present.

We also choose our surf instructors, as well on their qualifications and skills teaching, but also on their personal skills, their energy and passion for teaching our surfers in lessons.

If you are a qualified professional Surf Instructor and believe you have the skills, qualities, passion and drive to fit into our dynamic Team, please contact us.

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