Prone Paddling

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Prone paddling is another fantastic aquatic and  surf sport which can be done in flat water and in the surf. We are the only surf school also in India that offers training in Prone Paddling.

Prone Paddling is where an athlete paddles their board either lying flat on their stomach or up on their knees.

Prone Paddling is another excellent water sport to get involved in. It is fantastic for health and fitness but it can also be really great fun. It is a really good way to increase your fitness level, increase your strength, build your muscles and get a great athletic body of muscles and a six pack!

Prone paddling in the surf is also great fun where you can catch waves, riding them either prone (lying down) or on your knees.

We are in the process of getting a stock of 10’6 Paddle Boards as well for people to train on and for people to rent out as well.

A great advantage for Indian watermen and waterwomen to learn and get competent in prone paddling is that there are many international competitions for prone paddling. It is also part of the International Surfing Association’s Paddle World Championships. There are many iconic events and races, like the iconic Molokai to Oahu race, that are huge events and amazing races to watch but also for those competitors keen and interested, a great challenge and achievement to aspire to!

This is another dream of ours at Indica Surf School, is to train and develop athletes skilled in prone paddling to have them represent India at the ISA Paddle World Championships with SUP Paddlers.

Also, for those India watermen and waterwomen who want to follow a career in the aquatic sports and surf industry, prone paddling skills form a vital integral part of a professional lifeguards skills. As part of our commitment to the surf and aquatic industries, we want to build and develop a highly professional Lifeguard service trained to international levels to protect the public and be in charge of supervising and keeping our 7500+km coastlines safe. Together with Aquatic Indica, we want to develop watermen and waterwomen into professional lifeguards that provide a service along the beaches that maximises safety, provides safe beaches for people to visit that are professionally supervised and most importantly eliminates unnecessary preventable drownings. This can be achieved and strived towards through professional training but also by supply and equipping personnel in the international standards of training and equipment.

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