Sports of Surfing

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When people talk about surfing, the vast majority of people immediately think only of surfing as boardriding. However there are many more sports of surfing than just board riding. Even with surfing / boardriding there are a variety of different modes. There are short boards, long boards or mals, fish, finless, loggers to name a few!



Other sports of surfing include

A very new and super exciting addition to the sports of surfing is surf foiling which is a completely unique and mind blowing experience totally different to conventional boardriding surfing, more akin to flying on a wave than anything else.

While our focus at Indica Surf School is of course core surfing, we also have instructors that run lessons and programs for a number of different sports of surfing.

Please feel free to contact us to find out what other surf sports that we have programs scheduled and lessons running for

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