Stand Up Paddle In India

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Stand Up Paddle in India with us and experience a whole new watersports activity that is super fun for everyone, whether you can swim or not. Stand Up Paddle, SUP, is a sport which is booming throughout the world. There are many different modes of SUP including flat water SUP and Surf SUP. It can be done for fun and recreation as well as racing or competing. We offer a range of SUP Lessons that suit all level of paddler

We offer SUP lessons and SUP training for beginners through to elite competitors. At different times of the year, we will also be offering specific SUP Race Training Clinics and Programs which are tailored to cater purely for experienced SUP paddlers who are competitors wanting to better their performance. Technique and fitness will be the major focus of these clinics.

Stand Up Paddle in India is still very new and there are very few places teaching it.

SUP Paddling is a great sport and is something that everyone can do. It can be a very calming and relaxing sport where paddles are slow and scenic, just going for a touring paddle enjoying being on the water and the views back to land. For those that cannot swim or who are not confident in the water, it is extremely simple to make everyone feel fully safe and secure. All that needs to be done is for the SUP Paddler to put on and wear a lifejacket. In the case of the paddler falling off, wearing a lifejacket they will float on top of the water and being attached by a leash to their board, it is only a matter of getting back on the board.

Our beginner SUP lessons will teach the basics of the sport, introducing the paddler to the sport of SUP in a safe and fun way. Like our surf lessons, our SUP Lessons are comprehensive lessons covering all that is needed for the paddler to stay safe and learn how to paddle a board with simple basic technique.

For those more confident and who have more experience on the SUP, training and lessons will be about advancing technique, improving and perfecting the efficiency of the paddle stroke and improving water skills and understanding.

Once a paddler is competent and confident in the flatwater, if they want an added challenge, we can introduce them to SUP Surfing. We have Surf SUP Lessons that then take the competent SUP Paddler and get them into the surf zone in small gentle waves.

For those skilled and motivated Indian SUP Athletes, there are a huge number of international SUP Competitions throughout the world. These come in many formats including marathon racing, technical races, sprint races and SUP surf competitions. We dream of having Indian SUP Athlete’s train with us to then be able to compete regularly on the SUP World stage at the many events held throughout the year all over the world. The Paddle League is the leading tour of events crowning SUP World Champions each year. The International Surfing Association also has the ISA Paddle World Championships each year which includes a number of events for SUP and Prone Paddling athletes.

We want to build a strong group of Indian SUP athletes who are competent and skilled to be able to successful compete throughout the world in contests. We want Indian Athletes – SUP, Surf and Prone Paddling Athletes – to be recognised as elite athletes along with athletes from all the other countries where these sports are prevalent. We dream to see Indian Athletes be part of these events and competitions, not just as people participating and making up the numbers, but being competitive and a force to be reckoned with!

We would love to introduce you to this new sport. Come and try Stand Up Paddle in India and be at the forefront of this fantastic new sport!

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