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For those who want to learn more, progress quicker and surf better faster in our Surf Lessons then our Surf Courses are the perfect option for you.

We want all our participants to maximise their learning and love of surfing so we have put packages together for our surfer, bundling multiple lessons into a package.

A person who participates in our Surf Course Package, as opposed to a single lesson, will learn more and understand surfing and the skills involved better because you will have more time being with our instructor having them helping, guiding and teaching you.  This automatically means that our Surf Courses will help a surfer progress faster.

Indica Surf School also has a unique concept for acknowledging our surfers progress. We are the first Indian Surf School to introduce a Surfing Certificate Program. (You can read more on our Certification page). By taking more lessons, doing our Surf Lessons and Training will also help an individual to achieve higher levels of skills and become competent and confident in these skills, thereby elevating themselves to a higher level of Certificate.

Another benefit of our Surf Courses is that we offer our Surf Lessons at a discounted rate when purchased upfront in one of our Surf Packages. The cost of each lesson is discounted in our 3 Day and 5 Day Surf Courses. We already offer one of the lowest priced Surf Lessons in India and this makes our superior quality lessons even cheaper!! While participants in our Surf Lessons and Surfing Courses are getting amazing value, they are still guaranteed to be getting our renowned high quality comprehensive lessons.

We also love when people take our Surf Courses because we can see the far greater progress and development. As instructors, we get huge satisfaction from watching people progress and improve. We see them having a fantastic time and their enjoyment keeps growing as they get better and they get hooked on the Stoke of Surfing!

We want all our surfers to get this stoke, feel the thrill of surfing and riding a wave and catch the surfing bug where they just want to do more and more. We truly believe that our Surf Courses are the best way for them to feel this!

Once people have done our lessons and have some basic skills, then it is important to keep getting better to keep surfing. We of course assist here too, offering Surfing Rentals so people can hire boards to keep practicing.

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