Surf in Karnataka

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Surf in Karnataka with us at our Mangalore hub. We have our main operations here as well as our Surf Accommodation.

To surf in Karnataka with us, we operate on beaches around Mulki and between Mulki and Mangalore. We also have a base operation in Panambur Beach, just on the outskirts of Mangalore City itself.

We are blessed with an amazing coastline in Karnataka and in the district of Mangalore. When we have our students surf in Karnataka, we are able to be mobile and choose the best location and conditions for the day depending on the student’s level and prevailing weather, wind and swell.

We have an abundance of options providing perfect learn to surf waves and waves for those who can already surf and want to continue to improve. When we surf at Panambur, while there will be more people around and it is a busier beach, there will be plenty of options for food, snacks, drinks, kulfi’s as well as clothing stalls and other shops to browse. Our surfers also can become a small spectacle with plenty of people watching you surf and riding your waves!

From our Surf Accommodation, we travel in our Surf Van, to the location where our lesson and surf in Karnataka will be. Our van is an iconic surfing vehicle that is a brand new addition to the surf scene in Mangalore. It is an eye catching, cool looking surf mobil that has people stopping and looking and will surely be a ‘must do’ selfie opportunity.

Our Surf Lesson Prices in Karnataka are

  • Single Lesson ₹1500
  • 3 Lesson Package ₹3750
  • 5 Lesson Package ₹5000
  • 10 Lesson Package ₹10000 with 4 free board rentals after the lesson


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