Surf in Kerala

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Bekal Beach is where we surf in Kerala. With a perfect location at the northern end of Bekal Beach, under Bekal Fort, our lessons to surf in Kerala are amazing.

There is a little point break that has perfect peeling waves for the beginners and along the beach there are also other options for us. It is a very protected little corner providing us with ideal learn to surf waves and great conditions to be able to teach newcomers to surfing.

For those who can already surf, when there is swell and the waves have a little extra size to them, the point offers an excellent ride with a reeling right hander rolling off the point and providing the opportunity for multiple turn waves on nice open faces. Occasionally at the right tide and when the sand banks allow, there can be some little barrel chances too!

When you surf in Kerala with us, you will have a lot of fun but also be able to enjoy a beautifully picturesque Keralan beach environment.

There is also good quality beach accommodation available right there on the sands of Bekal Beach.

In addition to the surf lessons on Bekal Beach, we also have boat rides, jet ski rides and other activities that are available for the enjoyment of visitors to the beach.

There is also Bekal Fort to visit and look around a mere short stroll from our beach location.

When you come to surf in Kerala with us, you will also get a chance to sample the excellent Keralan food.


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