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If you are in Mumbai, Pune, other parts of Maharashtra or in northern India, you can now surf in Maharashtra with us in Dapoli. Our Dapoli operation has just made surfing a whole lot easier and closer for you!

Dapoli is located in easy proximity to both the major cities of Mumbai and Pune and can be accessed by car, bus or train.

To surf in Maharashtra, a major factor is water quality and cleanliness. While it would be fantastic to surf in Maharashtra closer to Mumbai and for our surf school to be based in the city itself or on the outskirts, the water quality is a major consideration. Indica Surf School has concerns for the pollution in the ocean and made the decision to be based slightly further away but with a far higher quality of water. We want people to have an

amazing time with us without the fear of getting sick or picking up ear nose or throat infections, or worse, if the water is polluted.

We are very fortunate to have clean water in Dapoli and this we found to be the best, cleanest water closest to the south of the major metropolis of Mumbai. Our location here is fantastic in a remote area with empty waves providing our surfers with ideal conditions to learn to surf and improve their surfing with us.

There is plenty to do before and after your surf lessons with us and if you are lucky, you could be fortunate enough to see the playful pods of dolphins that inhabit the area. It is a very common sight to see the dolphins playing in the water, swimming past and sometimes even catching the waves closer to shore. It is another treat for our surfers when you join us to surf in Maharashtra.

Our Surf Lesson Prices in Maharashtra are

  • Single Lesson ₹2000
  • 3 Lesson Package ₹5000
  • 5 Lesson Package ₹7500
  • 10 Lesson Package ₹12500 with 4 free board rentals after the lesson



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