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Our Surf Lessons are comprehensive surf lessons that cover much more than just purely learning to surf. We provide the highest quality surf lessons with qualified experienced and professional Surf Instructors.

In our Surf Lessons, we teach the surfing technique but we also cover important surf safety and surf awareness skills and information. We want to ensure that everyone that comes and experiences our Surf Lessons, walks away having had an amazing time, been successful in catching and riding waves but also importantly has learnt more about the ocean, the surf, the sport of surfing and has a greater confidence in the ocean itself.

Our Surf Lessons can be taken as Group Surf Lessons which may be a mix of other people and possibly a slight variation in abilities as well. This however will not affect each individual’s learning, enjoyment or success as our instructors are trained and skilled to ensure each of our surfers is given specific help and feedback that will help them succeed, progress and improve.

We also provide Private Surf Lessons. These lessons are for those that want to ensure they have an instructor specifically focussed on them for the entire lesson. Our Private Surf Lessons can be for one person, but they may also be booked as a Private Surf Lesson for multiple people if a group – whether family, friends, work colleagues or other group of people – want to learn together with no one else in the class. If you would like to know more about the prices for Private Lessons, please CONTACT US to enquire. Be sure to let us know the number of people you would like to surf in the one surf lesson. These are slightly more expensive than our standard group surf lessons but the more people in the Private Lesson, the less it is per person.

We can also provide surf lessons for school groups, corporate groups, family functions, birthday parties and other celebrations or occasions. Please CONTACT US for more information on this.

While you will learn a lot in a single Surf Lessons with us, you will learn much more and progress and improve much faster if you take one of our Surf Courses where you will take a number of our Surf Lessons in a package deal. Not only will you learn more, surf better faster and have a growing love and enjoyment of our fantastic sport of surfing but it is also cheaper for you with each lesson in one of our Surf Courses packages discounted. Added to this, you will also be achieving higher skills, being confident and competent in surfing and therefore earning a higher Surfing Certificate or getting closer to achieving the next Surfing Certificate Level. Our Surfing Certificate system is unique to Indica Surf School and something that we are very excited to have introduced into our Indian surf school programs and be able to offer our surfers.

Our Surf Lessons include

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Advanced Coaching

Surf Programs

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