Surf Programs

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We provide Surf Programs that cover the whole spectrum of the ocean, surf sports and surf awareness.

Our Surfing, Ocean and Aquatic Programs include

  • Learn to Surf Lessons that teach the basic skills of surfing to new surfers. These programs cover the skills and techniques new surfers need to learn and master when they start. These form the basis for their future progress and improvement in surfing and are vital for their performance in surfing
  • Intermediate Surfing assist surfers who have mastered the basic techniques of surfing and want to continue to improve and get better. This will allow them to surf in more conditions, in bigger waves and perform more manoeuvres
  • Advanced Surfing are for those that have been surfing for a long period and are already very competent and strong in paddling into waves of up to head high and bigger; of performing quality bottom turns and tops turns; can perform basic re-entries, snaps, floaters and cutbacks; have a strong understanding of the ocean, types of waves and conditions; are strong in the water with or without a board; and want to take their surfing to a new level. These are the perfect option for this level of surfer. Our Advanced Coaching Programs are only offered and run at specific times of the year with specific surf program options set.
  • We also offer Surf Skills courses. These programs are directed and tailored towards improving people’s ocean and surf skills; their understanding of the ocean, surf and aquatic environment; teaching people to be able to read the ocean, surf and aquatic environment for dangers and risks and understand how to minimise and reduce these risks to ensure safe activity in the water. These surf programs will also include options that teach surf rescue techniques; basic first aid; risk management. Also available will be formal Lifeguard and Lifesaving qualification and certification programs as well as self survival and self rescue certificate training.
  • We also offer surf programs that are specifically structured and focused on Children’s Surfing. These programs include a mix of surfing but also focuses highly on surf safety and surf awareness plus basic water skills
  • Our Surf Programs are also not just for the sport of surfing. We run programs for a variety of other surf sports (like Stand Up Paddling) and other aquatic sports (like kayaking and prone paddling).
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