Surf Skills

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Our Surf Skills Programs are vital for us as part of our commitment to our surfers safety and our responsibility that we feel to ensure our surfers are well trained, well rounded, well educated surfers to keep themselves and others safe while playing in the ocean!

In our Surf Skills courses, we focus on skills that educate and train people to

  • Understand the ocean, surf and aquatic environment
  • Be able to read the ocean, surf and aquatic conditions
  • Recognise and understand prevailing risks and be able to put into practice risk management strategies and make smart decisions to maximise their personal safety and the safety of others

Participants in these courses will also be trained in being able to enjoy the ocean and surf without any craft and also with a variety of other surf sports craft. We will be training and developing all round watermen and waterwomen. This will include sports such as body surfing, paddling and catching waves on prone racing mals, SUP paddling and wave riding.

Body surfing is often a forgotten and neglected skill but is very important in the development and understanding of the ocean, waves and the power in a wave. It is excellent for improving swimming skills in the ocean and is also a whole lot of fun. Being able to body surf allows us to enjoy the waves without any equipment at all!

Being able to perform aquatic and surf rescues is another key component to these programs. We will train people to having the skills and knowledge to perform aquatic rescues – whether in the surf, flatwater or running water – using a variety of equipment. Rescues will cover safely approaching a patient, picking them up, returning them to shore and then bringing them from the water up onto dryland.

Also included in training will be basic first aid and CPR training. This will enable someone to be equipped with the skills and confidence to treat basic injuries. It will also teach them what to do if they have performed a water rescue, what to do once they have brought the patient back to shore and onto the beach. The various tests and checks that are required will be taught so that once back on land, the rescuer then also knows what to do whether the person is conscious or not, breathing or not, able to walk or not or whatever other condition they may be in.

Another component of our Surf Skills programs will be the offering of formal qualification and certification training programs. We will be running

  • Professional Lifeguard courses where successful participants gain internationally recognised formal qualifications
  • Certification programs in self survival and self rescue skills and techniques
  • Sports coaching and instructing programs that have international recognition

The more people we can train and educate, the safer our sport will be, the faster it will grow, the better athlete’s we will produce and the larger the Indian Surf Industry will be.

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