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Our Surfing Academy offers a number of options for people to begin surfing, develop their surfing and continue their progression and improvement.

Surfers need different focus and different opportunities at the different levels and stages during their surfing. Our Academy offers beginner learn to surf lessons, intermediate lessons and also has advanced surf coaching.

We are committed to the highest quality of surf programs in India and at affordable prices.

For surfing to grow as a sport, we need to encourage participation at the grass roots level for beginners and introducing people to the sport which our Surfing Academy does through our learn to surf beginner lessons. We also know that there is a need for instructing, training and coaching for more than those just learning so our Surfing Academy puts a lot of emphasis into higher level programs and training as well.

Our Surfing Academy offers a Surfing Certificate system, the original and only Surfing Certificate Program in India. This rewards surfers with progressive improvement through issuing a surfer with a Surfing Certificate when they successfully complete the requirements. Our Surfing Academy developed and introduced this 6 Certificate, 5 Level Surfing Certificate Program to help encourage and motivate surfers to keep surfing, to gain more skills and proficiency and therefore to get the next Level Certificate, thus getting better and better.

We want our surfers to get better faster. We want them to improve as quickly as possible while at the same time having a lot of fun and staying safe, learning new surfing skills and importantly also new surf safety and surf awareness skills.

We offer a variety of surfing programs to meet our aims and goals of improving and growing surfing in India as quickly as possible. If we do not have something to offer that one of our surfers or potential surfers wants to do, please Contact Us and we will design a bespoke program when we can to meet that specific aim.

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