Surfing Certificates

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We have developed a unique Surfing Certificate system. We are really proud to be the first and only surf school in India to have a Surfing Certificate Program.

We have set up a 5 Level Surfing Certificate Program for those surfers that do their lessons with us.

As our surfers learn, improve, progress and develop this skills they gain competency and confidence in an increasingly harder set of surfing skills.

We have developed our Surfing Certificate system so that once a specified set of skills and competencies has been achieved, our surfers are rewarded with a Surfing Certificate acknowledging this progression and improvement. These skills must be not only completed but completed confidently, competently and multiple times before being awarded the Surfing Certificate.

We have developed our Certification system to help motivate and encourage our surfers to continue to push themselves to get better and better and to strive to reach new heights in their surfing.

Each Surfing Certificate Level includes surfing skills but also increasingly ocean skills and surf awareness. This is vital. As surfers get better, they begin to surf further out to sea, surf bigger waves, surf in more demanding conditions and have an increasing number of environmental and other factors to cope with. Therefore, to stay safe, all surfers as they improve their surfing skills must at the same time learn to understand the ocean, waves, conditions, winds, ocean currents and other factors. Surfers must also learn about risks and dangers and to understand when it is safe and appropriate to surf and when it is not depending on their capabilities and skills.

For those that come purely to experience the thrills and excitement of surfing in a single lesson, if they are not able to complete all the Level 1 Surfing Certificate competencies, then we have a Participation Surfing Certificate.

For a simple document giving more in depth and comprehensive specific information on Surfing Certificate Program, please contact us with your email ID and we will mail this out to you.

While surfing is an amazing sport and offer us so many benefits, it can also be potentially dangerous. It is the responsibility of all surfers to understand how to maximise their own and others safety, how to surf in a way that keeps risks down and if they themselves or someone else does encounter a problem, then it is important that surfers have skills, confidence and the ability to respond appropriately. We make it our responsibility to teach and educate our surfers to keep themselves safe in the water.

We also run Surf Skills Programs which encompass specific surf safety and surf education as well as Lifeguard training.

Check out the different Certificate Levels to get a better understanding of the progression and the development.

Participation Certificate

Level 1 Surfing Certificate

Level 2 Surfing Certificate

Level 3 Surfing Certificate

Level 4 Surfing Certificate

Level 5 Surfing Certificate

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