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Surfing Lesson Packages

Surfing Lesson

We offer a range of packages for our surfers to come and surf with us. Depending on whether someone wants to just try it and experience what it is like to catch and ride a wave or they want to learn more and progress more.

Come join us, come and experience the joy, the freedom and the adrenalin of playing in our Aquatic Playground!

Everyone is different, everyone has different time availability and everyone has varying reasons for doing surfing lessons. We offer our surfers a range of surfing lesson packages to ensure we have something suitable for everyone!

Single Surfing Lessons

For those who just want to experience the thrills of catching and riding waves and as a taste of what surfing feels like; for those that want a quick refresher with one of our instructors; or if someone only has time to squeeze in a single lesson then we have our individual single Surfing Lesson which can be booked.

For someone who has never surfed before, the single Surfing Lesson will teach the basics of surfing, firstly starting on and practicing on the sand. Then once these are mastered on the sand, it is time to hit the water and head into the surf where the instructor will be there to assist the surfers to catch waves and begin to stand up. The skills here that are worked on in a single lesson are getting on and balancing on the board while in the surf; balancing on the board while the instructor manoeuvres and pushes them on the board through the waves, turns them around and pushes them onto small gentle broken white water waves; being able to do a push up on the board in the white water as broken waves go past; begins to get the jump up movement when pushed onto a wave to stand up; is able to fall off safely; can return to shore safely and can carry their surfboard.

In regards to our Surfing Certificate Program, everyone will receive their Participation Certificate. While it is very rare, there is a chance that some people who pick this up very quickly, may be able to complete all our Level 1 Surfing Certificate  competencies and will receive their Level 1 Surfing Certificate. This is not common though. Most people will become competent in some, possibly even a number, of Level 1 skills in their first lesson.

3 Day Surfing Lesson Packages

For those that want to learn that bit more, really start to get a good feel of surfing and begin to start catching their own waves, the 3 Day Surfing Lesson Package gives our surfers three of our normal Surfing Lessons.

For someone who has never surfed before, generally in the 3 Day Surfing Lesson Package our students will gain confidence in lying on the board, paddling out through the white water, can sit on the board and begin to turn the board while sitting, can lie down and begin to paddle for their own waves. The surfer will also start to get the timing right for paddling onto the wave and jumping up or ‘taking off’.

It is quite common for people to complete all the Level 1 Surfing Certificate skills during their 3 surfing lesson sessions. Once completed, they will then receive their Level 1 Surfing Certificate and will begin working on their Level 2 skills. If they do not complete them all, the vast majority of people will be competent in most skills and should only have a small amount to do before being competent and able to receive their Level 1 Certificate

5 Day Surfing Lesson Packages

Our 5 Day Surfing Lesson Package is fantastic for those people that have 5 days available and want to give their surfing a really good boost and start with a firm foundation of consistent surfing. In this package 5 surfing sessions are included.

For the beginner surfer, during the five days, they will consolidate their skills of being able to paddle out through small gentle white water waves with control and balance; able to sit and wait for a wave on their board; while sitting be able to turn their board; get better at paddling on to their own waves. Skills that they will start to then learn and develop will be to select suitable waves; have improved timing for paddling onto and taking off on their own waves with no assistance from the instructor; begin to turn and veer across the wave and traverse the wave to both their frontside (toe side) and backside (heel side). In small surf conditions of less than 1ft or knee high and smaller, the surfer should be able to start to paddle onto unbroken ‘green’ waves.

During the 5 Day Surfing Lesson Package, most students will complete their Level 1 Surfing Certificate and begin to work on their skills found in the Level 2 Certificate.

10 Day Surfing Lesson Packages

The sessions in the 10 Day Surfing Lesson Packages will build on and strengthen the skills learnt as per the 5 Day Surfing Lesson Packages. The additional skills learnt during these 10 surfing lesson sessions will be increasing confidence; learning more about the ocean and surf conditions; becoming better skilled at reading conditions; understanding what suitable conditions for them are; and understanding appropriate waves that they should be catching. They should also be able to start to surf more on small green waves – even knee to waist high unbroken waves. Turns should be more consistent to traverse across the wave and even some linking of turns can be achieved. The surfer during these 10 days should have a quickly building confidence in the ocean and being able to catch waves without the instructor’s assistance.

In addition to the 10 surfing lessons, this package also includes 4 board rental periods of up to 2 extra hours of surfing after the 7th to 10th sessions. This allows the surfer to continue to practice and improve, gaining greater confidence and competence. If the surfer would like to continue to surf more, during these 10 days, board rental is discounted to Rs300 per session for an afternoon surf.

During the 10 Day Surfing Lesson Packages, most people will be able to complete some of the Level 2 Certificate competencies. For those that are athletic and pick surfing up quickly, a number of the Level 2 competencies may be completed.

Customised Surfing Lesson Packages

For those people where these set Surfing Lesson Packages we offer don’t suit, please contact us to get a quote for different length programs.

We strongly encourage and recommend for maximum benefit and fastest progression and development that surfers take these Surfing Lesson Packages on consecutive days. This greatly increases the improvement of surfers and helps them surf better much faster!

To take advantage of these Surfing Lesson Packages and benefit from the reduced per surfing lesson rate, our surfers must pay in full before the start of the full lesson.

If after doing an initial lesson or initial package, a surfer wants to continue surfing more and upgrade to a longer surfing package, this can be done at the per lesson rate for the package they want to upgrade to. For example, if a surfer does a single lesson and then decides to surf with us for

  • a further 2 days, the extra 2 lessons will be charged at the 3 Lesson Package rate
  • a further 4 days, the extra 4 lessons will be charged at the 5 Lesson Package rate

If someone purchases a multi surfing lesson package but then wishes to cancel the remaining lessons, if the remaining lessons are cancelled at the completion of the final lesson they are taking or before, then we can offer a refund. The lessons taken will be charged at the single lesson rate and any additional amount refunded.

If someone does not show for a booked scheduled lesson, this amount is forfeited.

If a minimum of 24 hours of notice is given, lessons can be rescheduled for a later date but must be used within 1 month of purchase payment.

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“One of most amazing thing to try out, extremely friendly instructors.

I am a novice in surfing but the trainers helped me , encouraged and gave good tips to catch waves. Thanks for that . Would recommend everyone to try from here.!”

Durga Lakshmipathy

“I took a 5 day surf course with Indica Surf School. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life.

The Instructors are Highly professional and experienced. Food was really amazing and the rooms provided were clean and thoroughly maintained. If you are in or around Mangalore you should definitely give it a try.. they also provide with 1 day and 3 day courses. Received a very friendly treatment from the owner. The location used for surfing had really clean water and good waves to surf. A full 5 STAR from my side and would definitely surf again with Indica Surf School!”

Pranit Patil

“I had a lovely time at Indica Surf School.

As a beginner I got many help and I was able to stand up on my first day already 🙂 !!

The accommodation was also perfect, very peaceful! Thank you!!”

Villő Lantos

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