Surfing Rentals

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As well as our surf lessons and surfing programs, we also offer Surfing Rentals.

Whether you have had lessons with us or even if you haven’t, we rent surf boards so you can keep surfing. We have a range of surfboards to rent so you can head out into the line up to keep practising your surfing, catching your own waves, getting your paddling stronger, improving your ocean skills and getting better at reading and understanding the surf. All this will help you improve and get better as a surfer.

The more you get out into the waves and surf the better you will get and the faster you will improve. Our surf rentals will help make this more affordable for you, so you do not have to always be taking surf lessons to get your fix of waves!

Until you have your own surfboard that you can use, surfing rentals will give you regular consistent options.

To organise your surfing rentals with us, all you need to do is simply give us a call to arrange.

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