Surfing Road Trips

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Our Surfing Road Trips offer the opportunity to experience an iconic part of surfing – the surfing road trip!

A Surf Road Trip is where a group of people get in a vehicle and drive along the coast line with no set destination other than to find the best waves they can to surf and enjoy.

We offer at different times of the year a variety of different Road Trips. We are also extremely excited to offer our ‘Exploratory Surfing Road Trips’. With so much of the coastline untouched and unknown to surfers, especially the west coast, we have a number of surfing road trips planned starting from one point and driving along the coast hunting and searching for unknown and never before surfed waves, finding new secret spots and discovering new surfing sports for future surfers! (or maybe to continue to keep secret and add to an Indica Surf School Secret Surf Spots catalogue!!)

Another option for our Surfing Road Trips is to have a main base for the duration of the scheduled trip and head out on daily road trips to hunt down the best waves of the day, heading north or south depending on conditions and where we believe the best waves will be found for the prevailing conditions!

For more information on upcoming trips and to register your interest in these, please contact us!

We look forward to sharing a unique Indian surfing experience and exploration of unknown surfing territory with you and to have unforgettable never to be repeated experiences!

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