Surfing Rules

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Like everything, there are surfing rules that surfers must know and must abide by. This is for the fun of the sport, to respect everyone in the ocean, to allow everyone the chance to surf and catch waves together and most importantly for the safety of everyone in the water and surf.

There are six main surfing rules which are also referred to and called ‘Surfing Etiquette’.


Surfing Rules

  1. Don’t Drop In
  2. Paddle inside to avoid getting in the way of a surfer on a wave
  3. Do not snake
  4. Paddle wide to stay out of the way of a surfer on a wave
  5. Never throw your board
  6. Always surfing within your ability

These are universal surfing rules that all surfers should follow wherever they are surfing throughout the world.

It is the responsibility of all surfers not only to do the right thing and follow these surfing rules but also to teach new surfers these same surfing rules. When everyone follows these rules, it makes surfing so much safer for everyone and also more fun for everyone.

It is very easy for one person to paddle out into the line up and disregard the surfing rules. This quickly changes the vibe and atmosphere in the water and can make it a lot less fun but also more dangerous.

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